The Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) is a statutory committee of the Durham Catholic District School Board and is subject to the Board's General Working By-law regarding the operation of committees.

Bylaw Appendices 

Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) Bylaws

1.0       Name 

1.1       The organization shall be known as the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee, herein referred to as the "DCPIC".


2.0       Affiliation 

2.1       The DCPIC is a statutory committee of the Durham Catholic District School Board (the Board) and is subject to the Board General Working By-law regarding the operation of committees.

2.2       The DCPIC may from time to time be affiliated with organizations, groups and agencies which promote the    goals and objectives of the DCPIC.


3.0       Mandate and Responsibilities of the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee


3.1       In accordance with Ministry of Education ("Ministry") direction, the mandate of the DCPIC is to:

      • support, encourage, and enhance meaningful parent engagement at the board level
      • to improve student achievement and well-being;
      • provide information and advice to the board on parent engagement;
      • communicate with and support local Catholic school councils in the Durham Catholic District School Board;
      • undertake activities to help parents support their children's learning at home and at school.

3.2       The responsibilities of the DCPIC are:

      • to develop strategies and initiatives that the board and the board's Director could use to  
      • communicate effectively with parents and to engage parents in support of their children's learning at 
        home and at school, and to advise on the use of these strategies;
      • to communicate information from the ministry to local Catholic School Councils and parents;
      • to determine, in consultation with the director of education, how ministry funding, if any, for parent
      • initiatives is to be allocated;
      • to work with local Catholic School Councils:
      • to share effective practices to help engage parents in their children's learning, identify and reduce
        barriers to parent
      • engagement, and help ensure that schools are welcoming to parents;
      • to support initiatives that help build knowledge and skills that will assist the PIC and school councils of
        the board with their work.

3.3       The DCPIC, as the Durham Catholic District School Board committee for enhancing parent involvement,
            shall at all times promote the best interest of Catholic education locally and provincially and provide input
            to the Board and to the Ministry of Education on such issues as policy development and direction, and those
            issues impacting parent engagement at the school and board level.

3.4       In addition the DCPIC will:

      • establish goals and priorities;
      • engage with its' membership and community stakeholders regularly;
      • hold regularly scheduled and additional meetings as required.

4.0 Membership 

4.1       Parents shall form the majority of membership on the DCPIC.


4.2       Membership of the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee shall consist of:

      • Parent Members -- Up to 16 which will include the officers of the DCPIC
      • Community Members -- Up to 3
      • 1 Trustee or Designate
      • Director or Designate Supervisory Officer
      • School Principals -- to a maximum of 1 Elementary and 1 Secondary school principal
      • Teaching Staff -- to a maximum of 1 Elementary and 1 Secondary school teacher
      • 1 Non-Teaching Employee of the Board

4.3       Parent Members - are mandatory voting members and must be the Catholic parent of a pupil enrolled in a
           school of the Board. Employees of the board may serve as Parent Members and must inform the committee
           of their employment at the first committee meeting they attend. Parent Members are selected in accordance
           with the process outlined in Section 5.1 Parent Member Elections.

4.4       Community Member - is a mandatory voting member, who is Catholic and cannot be a board member or
            an employee of the Board that the DCPIC serves. The Community Member is not eligible to vote for the
            Officers of the DCPIC. The Community Member is selected in accordance with the process outlined in
            Section 5.3 Community Members -- Selection/Term of Office.

4.5       Trustee - is a mandatory non-voting member of the DCPIC. The trustee may delegate any of his or her
           powers or duties as a member of the DCPIC to another member of the board and may designate a fellow
           trustee to attend a DCPIC meeting in his or her place.

4.6       Director of Education - is a mandatory non-voting member of the DCPIC. The Director may delegate any
           of his or her powers or duties as a member of the DCPIC to a Supervisory Officer of the board and may
           designate the Supervisory Officer to attend a DCPIC meeting in his or her place. The Director of Education
            or Designated Supervisory Officer shall serve as Resource to the DCPIC and Recording Secretary as is the
            practice of the Board.

4.7       School Principals -- are non-voting members of the DCPIC. They are selected by the Board in accordance
           with the process outlined in Section 5.4 Non- Mandatory Members -- Selection/Term of Office.

4.8       Teaching Staff - are non-voting members of the DCPIC. They are selected by the Board in accordance
           with the process outlined in Section 5.4 Non-Mandatory Members -- Selection/Term of Office

4.9       Non-Teaching Staff - are non-voting members of the DCPIC. They are selected by the Board in
           accordance with the process outlined in Section 5.4 Non- Mandatory Members -- Selection/Term of Office


5.0 Election and Selection of DCPIC Membership  

5.1       Parent Members Elections

5.1.1    A Nominations Committee, consisting of at least 3 members of the DCPIC, who are not seeking re-election       in that year, shall be appointed by the DCPIC no later than May 1st annually. The Director of Education or             Designated Supervisory Officer shall act as a resource to the Nominations Committee.

5.1.2    A Committee Chair shall be elected from within the Nominations Committee at a meeting to be held by May    15th annually.

5.1.3    The Chair of the Nominations Committee shall issue a call annually for nominations by May 30th for those
            positions on the DCPIC that are available for election effective the next operating year of the DCPIC.
            Methods of advertising available DCPIC positions may include:

      • Board and school websites
      • School newsletters
      • DCPIC communications
      • Parish Bulletins
      • Local media

5.1.4      Nominations for DCPIC positions shall be for and from the membership as defined in Section 4.3 Parent           Members.

5.1.5      All nominations for a slate of candidates shall be received by the Chair of the Nominations Committee on         or before September 1st annually and presented to the DCPIC at its September meeting.

5.1.6      By September 15th annually, a notice of elections shall be issued to all Catholic School Councils.

5.1.7      The annual elections of the DCPIC shall be held prior to October 31st. Elections will be conducted by the          Director or Designated Supervisory Officer.

5.1.8      Should the number of nominees on the slate exceed the number of available positions, an election will be       conducted.

5.1.9      Should the number of nominees on the slate be equal to the number of available positions, the nominees        shall be acclaimed, unless a majority of eligible voters present decide, by motion, to allow nominations from the floor.

5.1.10    Should the number of nominees be less than the number of available positions, the nominees shall be            acclaimed and nominations from the floor will be accepted to fill the remaining available positions, unless a            majority of eligible voters present decide, by motion, to conduct an election for all positions.

5.1.11    Nominee(s) from the floor is/are eligible for election provided they qualify under section 4.3 - Parent               Members and are prepared, at the election meeting, to provide the appropriate information requested of all candidates.

5.1.12    Elections, if required, shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, by secret ballot. The          persons receiving the most votes for the number of vacant positions available shall be declared the successful candidates.

5.1.13    Newly elected Parent Members shall assume office at the first meeting of the DCPIC and no later than           November 15th.


5.2       First Election/Selection/Term of Office

5.2.1    For the first elections conducted under this bylaw, half of the Parent Members shall be elected for a term of       one year and half shall be elected for a term of two years. Determination of these terms will be first, based on the outcome of officer elections, second, a discussion with the nominees regarding their personal preference and third, by random draw. Thereafter Parent Members will be elected for a two year term.

5.2.2    The process for selecting Community Members, Principal, Teaching Staff, and Non-Teaching Staff shall be           conducted as soon as possible after the first election.

5.3       Community Members - Selection/Term of Office

5.3.1    Nominees for the position of Community Member shall be identified using the process described in Sections       5.1.1 through 5.1.3

5.3.2    The Nomination Committee may require candidates for the position of Community Member to participate in      an interview to assess their suitability for the position.

5.3.3    Nominees will be required to submit to the Chair of the Nominations Committee:

a.    a letter indicating their interest in the position of Community Member, their reasons for applying and
       their interest in the Durham Catholic District School Board and Catholic education.

b.    if the nominee is not known to members of the committee, a resume outlining relevant experience will
       be required.

5.3.4    The Nominations Committee will provide a report to the DCPIC at the September meeting with a             recommended slate of up to 3 appropriate Community Member nominees for approval.

5.3.5    The Community Members shall serve a term of one year and will be eligible to serve a maximum of four one     year terms, upon DCPIC's annual approval of the renewal of their appointment.

5.4       Non-Mandatory Members - Selection/Term of Office

5.4.1    School Principals - A principal or principals shall be nominated by the Durham Catholic Principals'             Association for appointment by DCPIC.

5.4.2    Teaching Staff Member-- A teacher or teachers shall be nominated by OECTA for appointment by DCPIC.

5.4.3    Non-Teaching Staff Member-- The Board shall advertise the position to all non-teaching staff and shall             appoint a representative from the applicants.

5.4.4    Non-Mandatory Members shall serve a one year term.

5.5       Vacancies

5.5.1    Should a Parent Member position become vacant before the next selection process, the DCPIC shall fill the vacancy by appointment from the pool of candidates from the previous election process.

5.5.2    If none of these candidates remain interested in becoming a DCPIC member, the DCPIC may request that interested and eligible parents of the Board submit their names for consideration. The committee shall then appoint one of those who indicate an interest.

5.5.3    When a vacant spot on the committee is filled, the new member's term shall expire at the time the previous member's term would have ended.


6.0 Officers  

6.1       The following positions shall constitute the officers of the DCPIC and their positions shall be duly elected for
            the designated term of office.

Position Term
Chair 2 years

2 years 

Secretary 2 years 

Past Chair
(Only if they are still a Parent Member)


6.2       The officers of the DCPIC shall be elected by the Parent Members of the DCPIC only and shall serve a term       of two years. At the end of each term, positions are open for election by the DCPIC Parent Members.

6.3       The Chair may not serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair of the DCPIC.

6.4       An individual who has served two consecutive terms as Chair may be re-elected as Chair provided at least          one two-year term has elapsed since his/her last term as Chair.


7.0 Duties of DCPIC Officers  


7.1       All DCPIC Officers shall ensure that Catholic values are central to the work of the DCPIC.

7.2       The Chair shall:

      • act as a link between the DCPIC and local Catholic School Councils and encourage their participation;
      • call meetings;
      • set the agenda prior to each meeting:
      • chair meetings;
      • represent the DCPIC at official functions or shall assign a designate;
      • ensure that there is regular communication with individuals within the DCPIC;
      • encourage representation, as requested, on Board committees;
      • appoint members to sub-committees with the approval of the DCPIC;
      • shall be responsible for official DCPIC communications;
      • facilitate the completion of the Annual Summary of DCPIC Activities supported by the Resource to the   DCPIC (Designated Supervisory Officer).

7.3       The Vice-Chair shall:

      • act as a link between the DCPIC and Catholic School Councils and encourage their participation;
      • assist the Chair in his/her duties;
      • assist DCPIC members, if required;
      • in the absence of the Chair, preside at DCPIC meetings and official functions;
      • upon the resignation of the Chair, assume the position of the Chair for the unexpired term.

7.4       The Secretary shall:

      • act as a link between the DCPIC and Catholic School Councils and encourage their participation;
      • assist the Director/Designated Supervisory Officer in his/her role of Recording Secretary
      • maintain accurate membership lists and update them as necessary;
      • record attendance at DCPIC meetings and maintain such records on behalf of the DCPIC;
      • assist in the preparation of DCPIC Communications.

7.5       The Past Chair shall:

      • act as a link between the DCPIC and Catholic School Councils and encourage their participation;
      • extend the benefit of his/her experience to the Chair and other members of the DCPIC and act in an advisory capacity.

7.6       The Parent Members shall:

      • act as a link between the DCPIC and Catholic School Councils and encourage their participation;
      • provide advice from the parental perspective on matters under consideration by the DCPIC;
      • perform such duties assigned to them by the Chair of the DCPIC including, but not limited to, liaising
        with Families of Schools and assuming the directorship of outside organizations such as the Ontario
        Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE).

7.7       The Community Members shall:

      • Provide advice from the perspective of the broader community and/or the specific constituency 
      • designated by the DCPIC in the selection process (eg. Parish Priest representative of the Catholic parish

7.8       Principal/Teaching Staff/Non-Teaching Staff shall:

      • Provide advice from the perspective of their specific constituencies.

8.0 Meetings  

8.1       Schedule of Meetings

8.1.1    The DCPIC shall set and publish a schedule of Meetings annually as part of the Board's annual
            determination of meeting dates.

8.1.2    A minimum of six DCPIC meetings shall be scheduled per school year.


8.2       Mandatory Attendance and Quorum

8.2.1    The chair will be required to reschedule the meeting if any one of the following occurs:

a.    fewer than 8 parents are present;

b.    the Director of Education (or designate) is not present;

c.    the Trustee (or designate) is not present.


8.2.3    In the event of a lack of quorum, a meeting may be held but no binding votes shall be taken.


8.3       Notice of Meetings

8.3.1    In accordance with Ministry regulation, notice of DCPIC meetings will be made available by the Chair to
            DCPIC members at least five days before the meeting by email and by posting on the Board's website.

8.3.2    All meetings shall be open to the public.


8.4       Items for the Agenda

8.4.1    DCPIC Members will submit agenda items to the Chair seven days prior to the meeting.

8.4.2    No item shall be placed on the agenda unless it is within the mandate of the DCPIC, as determined by the

8.4.3    Agenda items can only be added after the deadline if the DCPIC deems by majority vote that the item is
           within the mandate of the DCPIC and is sufficiently urgent and requires immediate action.


8.5       Attendance at Meetings

8.5.1    Unless prevented for a reason beyond his/her reasonable control, all members shall attend all meetings of
            the DCPIC

8.5.2    Where a member will not be present, the member will notify the Chair and/or the Designated Supervisory

8.5.3    Members must attend at least three meetings in person.

8.5.4    Where a member has been absent for three meetings without notification, he/she is deemed as absentee
           and DCPIC Chair/Officer's may choose to fill their position.

8.5.5    Where a member is unable to attend a DCPIC or sub-committee meeting in person for reasons beyond their
            control, they may attend by teleconference or other authorized electronic means.


8.6       Minutes of Meetings

8.6.1    Minutes of meetings will be completed by the Recording Secretary of the DCPIC (i.e. Designated
           Supervisory Officer).

8.6.2    Minutes of the previous meeting shall be included with the agenda sent to DCPIC Members.

8.6.3    Minutes of the DCPIC Meetings will be posted on the Board's website.

8.6.4    Minutes of DCPIC Meetings and records of financial records shall be available to the public for four years
            posted on the Board website.

8.6.5    Minutes posted on the website of the Board shall remain on the website for four years.



8.7       Making Decisions

8.7.1    It is understood that the preferred method of making decisions is by consensus.

8.7.2    Consensus decisions must be formalized by a motion for approval by a vote.

8.7.3    Where a reasonable effort to achieve consensus has been made but is still not possible, voting will used.

8.7.4    Only Parent Members and the Community Members are permitted to vote (with the exception of the
           election of Officers, where only the Parent Members are allowed to vote.)

8.7.5    All votes shall be duly moved and seconded.

8.7.6    Motions shall pass by virtue of a simple majority of eligible voters as defined in Section 8.7.4.

9.0 Financial Records/Reporting/Budgeting  


9.1       The DCPIC must maintain records of its financial transactions, which will be available at the Board office for
           four years.

9.2       These records will be maintained in accordance with Board accounting policies and procedures.

9.3       The Director/Designated Supervisory Officer will provide a summary update of the DCPIC financial
            transactions on a school year quarterly basis.

9.4       A Budget Committee, consisting of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and the Designated Supervisory Officer,
            shall prepare an estimated budget for the October DCPIC Meeting.


10.0 Remuneration  

10.1     A person shall not receive any remuneration for serving as a member of the DCPIC.

10.2     The Board shall reimburse members of the DCPIC for reasonable expenses incurred as members of the
            DCPIC in accordance with Board policies and procedures.

10.3     Requests for reimbursement of expenses shall be submitted to the office of the Designated Supervisory

11.0 Annual Summary of Activities  


11.1     Each year, the DCPIC shall submit a written annual summary of DCPIC activities to the Chair of the Board
           and Director of Education.

11.2     The Annual Summary shall include:

11.2.1  A list the names and positions of all DCPIC members and officers, and the appropriate group they represent (e.g., officers; Parent Members and the area they represent, if applicable; community members and the group they represent; board employee group members and their affiliation).

11.2.2  Acknowledgement of the efforts and commitment of DCPIC members.

11.2.3  Dates of the year's DCPIC meetings, as well as any available information on upcoming meetings.

11.2.4  Summary of the activities of the DCPIC under the following headings:

a.    Summary of information and advice given to the Board

b.    Summary of strategies and initiatives developed that the Board could use to effectively
       communicate with parents and to engage parents to support their children's learning at home
       and at school

c.    Information communicated to school councils and parents

d.    Support provided for school councils

11.2.5  A financial statement (a description of how funding, if any, provided by the Ministry for parent involvement was spent) must be included.


12.0 By-Laws 

12.1     In accordance with Board By-laws, the terms of reference for a statutory committee of the Board, including
           the DCPIC, shall be as prescribed in the Education Act and Regulation 612/00 made under that Act.

12.2     In accordance with Board's General Working By-law, the Board in its discretion may, from time to time,
           amend the operating procedures of Board Committees including the DCPIC.

12.3     The DCPIC may amend its By-law from time to time by a two thirds majority of parent and community

12.4     All amendments to this By-law will be considered first by the By-law Sub-Committee before being
           recommended to the entire DCPIC.

12.5     A By-law Sub-Committee will review these By-laws at least every 3 years.

13.0 Sub-Committees of the DCPIC 

13.1     The DCPIC shall have the sole discretion to establish sub-committees of the DCPIC.

13.2     The By-law Sub-Committee and the Nominations Sub-Committee shall be Standing Committees of the

13.3     The DCPIC may establish ad hoc committees as required in accordance with its priorities.

13.4     All sub-committees shall operate under mandates established by the DCPIC.

13.5     Sub-Committees may include members who are not DCPIC members, however all sub-committees must
            include a least one Parent Member of the DCPIC.

14.0 Conflict of Interest 

14.1     As a committee of the Board, DCPIC is governed by the provisions of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act,
           RSO 1990, c M.50, and for purposes of this By-law, a direct, indirect or deemed pecuniary interest shall
           have the meaning as defined in the Act.


14.2     Should an issue or agenda item come before DCPIC for consideration and decision where a DCPIC
           member's interest conflict's with the interest of DCPIC or the Board, the member shall, in accordance with
           the requirements of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, immediately declare the conflict of interest and
           absent himself or herself from the portion of the meeting during which the matter is to be discussed

14.3     Any member who is unclear whether he or she has a conflict may seek the advice of the DCPIC Chair
           and/or Director/Designate Supervisory Officer

15.0 Conflict Resolution 

15.1     DCPIC members may from time to time have access to information which has been identified as confidential to the Board and/or to DCPIC.

15.2     Members have a duty of confidentiality with regard to such information, and shall at all times maintain the confidentiality of information so identified.

15.3     As a committee of the Board, DCPIC is governed by the provision so the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSO 1990, c M.56 ("MFIPP"').

15.4     Members shall not collect, use disclose or retain personal information except in accordance with the provisions of MFIPPA.

15.5     Any member who seeks clarification regarding their duty of confidentiality or the collection, use, retention or disclosure of personal information may seek the advice of the DCPIC Chair, the Board's Privacy head, and/or the Direct/Designate Supervisory Officer.

16.0     Conflict Resolution

16.1     All members of the DCPIC will comply with the DCPIC Code of Ethics (attached to the By-law as Appendix 1.

16.2     In accordance with the Code of Ethics, DCPIC members shall conduct themselves in a manner that recognizes that a diversity of views strengthens the work of the committee, provided that opinions are expressed in a courteous manner.

16.3     The Chair/Officer (Vice-Chair/Secretary) of a DCPIC meeting shall facilitate member adherence to the Code of Ethics and support respectful dialogue and constructive decision-making.  The Chair may assist members by identifying points of similarity among speakers, and the joint interest and common goals of committee members.

Where appropriate, the Chair may clarify points of debate, and where differences of opinion are expressed the Chair shall encourage members to:

i.     Commit to finding a solution.

ii.     Develop a strategy to resolve any conflict.

iii.    Listen to each person's views without judgment.

iv.   Attack the problem and not the person - avoid labelling the individual.

v.    Allow each Member to communicate their views in turn as recognized by the Chair, and to speak without interruption while they have the floor.

vi.   Ask others involved about their needs and concerns.

vii.   Use active listening strategies.

viii.  Share needs and concerns with the entire group, where it could assist in conflict resolution.

ix.   Invite others to suggest ways to resolve the conflict.

x.    Support construction solutions.

xi.   Facilitate implementation of a conflict resolution outcome.


16.4     Where a conflict arises, DCPIC members shall make every attempt to resolve the dispute in a collaborative manner, in a spirit of mutual trust and respect, in accordance with the following process:

(a) Phase I

The Chair and one other Officer to be appointed by the Chair shall meet with the members directly involved in the dispute to discuss their positions

The Chair and the other Officer appointed by the Chair shall also offer other members who consider themselves affected by a dispute with the opportunity to meet and express their observations and/or concerns.

All members participating in this process shall be reminded of DCPIC's commitment to uphold the Mission, Vision and Values of the DCDSB.

Having considered the views of all those who accepted the invitation to participate in a meeting, the Chair and the other Officer shall provide the members directly involved in the dispute with their feedback and suggestions for resolution, and offer guidance as to how to proceed in the best interests of DCPIC and the Board.

(b) Phase II

If a dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved using the process outlined in Phase I, the Chair may elect to request the assistance of the Director of Education and/or a Supervisory Officer of the Board, in attempting to resolve the matter. 

(c) Phase III

In the alternative, or if the matter has not been resolved with the assistance of the Director or a Supervisory Officer of the Board, the Chair may, in consultation with the Director, seek approval of DCPIC to retain the services of an external consultant to assist with conflict resolution.

17.0     Roberts Rules/Simplified Rules of Order

17.1     Roberts Rules: Simplified Rules of Order (Appendix 2) shall apply to the conduct of the DCPIC in matters requiring a vote, unless otherwise stipulated in these bylaws.

17.2     Where any other procedural issue is not addressed in this bylaw, DCPIC procedures shall be subject to the provisions of:

17.2.1 Education Act, Regulation 612/00

17.2.2 Board General Working By-law

17.2.3 Roberts Rules of Order

18.0     Sources 

  • Education Act, Regulation 612/00, Part 111-- Parent Involvement Committees
  • Municipal Conflict of Interest Act
  • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Ministry of Education: Making a Difference -- A Practical Handbook for Parent Involvement Committee Members
  • Ministry of Education: Parents in Partnership: A Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools (2010)
  • Durham Catholic District School Board -- General Working By-Law Number 2014