Faith Formation

The Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) is committed to providing faith resources for families. This year, we want to encourage families to get to know the Saints! There's always someone to celebrate and we are going to highlight a few of them each month.

We have compiled a list of suggested resources and activities for families to use below:

Saints Feast Day Calendar
DateFeast DayFun Facts
September 21 St. Matthew Did you know… Saint Matthew is the patron Saint of bankers, was an Apostle of Jesus and a Gospel writer!
September 29 Saints Michael Gabriel and Raphael Did you know…Saint Michael is the patron saint of soldiers and police, St. Gabriel is the patron saint of postal workers and St. Raphael is the patron saint of the blind and travellers.  
October 4 St. Francis of Assisi Did you know… Saint Francis founded the Franciscans, is the patron Saint of animals and made the first nativity set? 
October 15 St. Teresa of Avila Did you know… Saint Teresa of Avila is the patron Saint of Spain and was one of the first 2 women to be named as a Doctor of the Church?  
October 16 St. Gerard  Did you know... St. Gerard is the patron Saint of pregnant mothers and unborn babies? 
October 22 St Pope John Paul II  Did you know… St. Pope John Paul II was Polish, spoke 12 languages, loved the outdoors, visited 129 countries and established World Youth Day? 
November 1 All Saints Day Did you know… Today is the perfect day to celebrate all of the Saints by having an All Saints party after attending Mass! 
November 17 St. Elizabeth of Hungary Did you know… St Elizabeth of Hungary was a real princess who secretly fed the poor and once the bread she was hiding appeared as roses? 
November 22 St. Cecilia  Did you know… St Cecilia is the patron Saint of musicians, converted her husband to Catholicism, lived in Rome and was crowned with roses and lilies by angels? 
November 30 St. Andrew Did you know… St. Andrew was an apostle of Jesus, and is the patron Saint of fishermen. 
December 6 St. Nicholas Did you know… St. Nicholas helped needy children by putting food and treats in their shoes while they were sleeping. He is the patron saint of children and is origin of Santa Claus! 
December 13 St. Lucy Did you know… St. Lucy is the patron saint of the blind. She wore a wreath with candles on her head to light her way when bringing food and blankets to prisoners in a dark underground prison. 

Additional resources for Advent:

Check out this video to learn how to draw Advent Saints.