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DCPIC members posing for a photo in the north and south boardrooms.

Function of Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee

The role of our Parent Involvement Committee is to:

  • Supports parent involvement at the regional level;
  • Acts as a link between parents with the school board's Director of Education and Trustees;
  • Seeks the advice and ideas of school councils, other parents and partners;
  • Advises the school board on topics that matter to parents; and
  • Plans and implements strategies to involve more parents at the regional level.

About Us

The Durham Catholic District School Board and the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) know that parents play a vital role in the student achievement and wellbeing. Our Parent Involvement Committee makes parental engagement a priority by providing ongoing support on a system-wide basis and promote communication and dialogue between:

  • School Councils;
  • The Board; and
  • Members of the community.

The committee functions as a direct link for parents to the Director of Education and the Board of Trustees. The Parent Involvement Committee is a formal structure and an important advisory body. It, along with school councils, encourages parent involvement at the local and regional levels through a grassroots approach.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has established a Parent Engagement Office to develop and implement parent engagement initiatives that support learning and student achievement across the province.  


The Durham Catholic School Board established the Parent Involvement Committee during the 1998-99 school year. There were four meetings held in the first year. The President of the council was Pat Fowler with the resource provided by Superintendent Christopher Hurst.

In January 2011, all school boards in Ontario were required to establish a Parent Involvement Committee. Recent amendments to Ontario Regulation 612/00, by Ontario Regulation 330/10, outline their composition, function and mandate.

Today, the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee has expanded and evolved in accordance with Ontario Regulation 612. There are 19 members on the committee. The roles within the committee include:

  • Chair;
  • Vice-chair;
  • Secretary; and
  • Eleven parent members.

In addition to the parent members there are three community members, the Director of Education or their designate, and a Trustee or their designate. There are approximately 10 meetings during the school year, held monthly. 


The Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) is comprised of 27 members; a Chair, a Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, 13 parent members and three community representatives.

Below is a list of the current members of DCPIC include: 

Name Position                           Term
Melissa Bevan Chair 2-year (2018-2020)
Rose Lo Presti Vice-Chair 2-year (2018-2020)
Erin Groat Secretary/Treasurer 2-year (2018-2020)
Linda Dodson Trchala Past Chair 2-year (2018-2020)
Adedoyin Adesemowo Parent Member 2-year (2017-2019)
Madonna Augustus Parent Member 2-year (2018-2020)
Candice Belmontes-Deonarayan Parent Member 2-year (2017-2019)
Camilla Brown  Parent Member 2-year (2018-2020)
Kimberly Chisholm Parent Member 2-year (2018-2020)
Andrea Gagliardi Parent Member 1-year (2018-2019)
Nancy Henry Parent Member 2-year (2017-2019)
Angela Kielbowski Parent Member 2-year (2018-2020)
Christine Melick Parent Member 1-year (2018-2019)
Josie Mullin Parent Member 1-year (2018-2019)
Maryanne Obwaka Parent Member 1-year (2018-2019)
Cynthia Scott  Parent Member 2-year (2017-2019)
Tom Brennan Community Representative 1-year (2018-2019)
Melanie O'Neill Community Representative  1-year (2018-2019)

Representatives from the Durham Catholic District School Board include:

Name Position 
Andrea Suvillan

Principal/Vice Principal Representative

Chris Szent-Ivany Principal/Vice Principal Representative
Lara Spiers Teacher Representative
Amanda Roffey Non-Teaching Representative
Tricia Chapman 

Trustee Designate

Morgan Ste. Marie Trustee Designate
Rosemary Leclair

Superintendent of Education

Lori Jones Sr. Administrative Assistant

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