Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) and the work our parent volunteers are doing to help support students' education.

What does the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee do? 

The purpose of the DCPIC is to: 

  • Supports parent involvement at the regional level;
  • Acts as a link between parents with the school board's director of education and trustees;
  • Seeks the advice and ideas of school councils, other parents and partners;
  • Advises the school board on topics that matter to parents; and
  • Plans and implements strategies to involve more parents at the regional level.

Who sits on the Parent Involvement Committee? 

The majority of the committee is made up of:

  • Parent Members (up to 16 parents which include the officers);
  • A Parent is the Chair;
  • Director of Education (or Designate);
  • A Trustee (or designate trustee); 
  • Community Representatives (up to 3 members);
  • School Principals/Vice Principals (maximum one from elementary and one from secondary);
  • Teaching Staff (maximum one from elementary and one from secondary); and
  • A Non-Teaching Employee of the Board.

How do I get on the Parent Involvement Committee? 

Learn how you can become involved in DCPIC.

Who makes up the Executive members in the Parent Involvement Committee? 

The DCPIC Executive is made up of:

  • Chair;
  • Vice-chair;
  • Secretary; and
  • Past Chair (Only if they are still a Parent Member).
What is the difference between a school council and the Parent Involvement Committee? 

School councils focus on the local school and community. Parent Involvement Committees focus on things that affect more than one school. They also discuss issues that matter to parents across the school board.

How many times does the Parent Involvement Committee meet? When and where? 

We meet once a month, from September to June, of each school year. We also meet once or twice over the summer to plan for the upcoming school year. The monthly meetings are held in-person from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Durham Catholic District School Board office, located at 650 Rossland Road West, Oshawa. Visit our meeting calendar for exact dates.

I have a question or concern regarding my child's education - who should I call? 

Education is a shared experience involving the home and the school and it can be strengthened by open communication between the two. Should a concern about your child's education arise, follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact the classroom teacher and discuss the situation. As a parent or guardian, your child's teacher is always recommended as the first point of contact. If unable to help you directly, he or she will seek to advise you on whom to contact for further information.

Step 2: If the situation has not been resolved contact the Principal and request help in dealing with the matter.

Step 3: If necessary contact the Superintendent in charge of the school involved. Call 905-576-6150 and ask for the name of the superintendent for your child's school.

Step 4: If necessary contact the Director of Education at 905-576-6150 ext. 2317

Step 5: If necessary and if the situation has not been resolved contact your local Trustee.



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