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Fundraising has been an important component in our Catholic community for many years. The majority of fundraising activities are organized through school councils, with parent volunteers at the heart of these initiatives. Our volunteers provide a valuable resource in strengthening our Catholic community and in support of our childrens' education. 

Why Fundraise?

Fundraising provides an opportunity for parents to become involved withintheir school community. Some examples such as, a movie night, bake sale or community garage sale are wonderful ideas to involve your community. More fundraising ideas are available here.

The following are some examples of where a school could use their funds:

  • To purchase library resources
  • Subsidize the cost of school trips (local, provincial or abroad)
  • Buy technological equipment or student materials 
  • Help with internal school clubs
  • Purchase parent resources

Fundraising Policy

The Ontario Ministry of Education has set out fundraising guidelines, which outline event regulations and volunteering restrictions and the appropriate allocation of the funds raised. View Durham Catholic District School Board fundrasing policy.


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